ffective & Efficient Group of Women Virtual Assistants for Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, and Start Ups.

If you’re a busy person who has struggled long enough finding the perfect work-life balance, our Virtual Assistants (VA’s or Virtual Office Assistants) are here to the rescue!

We’re on a mission to support overwhelmed entrepreneurs and business owners with their best interest at heart.


You’ve definitely come to the right place if you answer yes in any of the questions below.

Help is here and we are making things a lot easier for you, we have sample tasks list that can serve as a guide on what your Virtual Office Assistant can support you with.

Start delegating your task so you can focus on what you do best.

Executive Admin Virtual Assistant

An effective Executive Admin Virtual Assistant is truly a blessing to a busy entrepreneur. She is like your virtual secretary that makes working a breeze since you pretty much can rely on her for a lot of basic business tasks. She helps you leverage your time so you can focus more on high priority tasks to grow your business while she takes care of all the repetitive admin tasks that normally forms part of your day-to-day activities. The list of tasks that can be delegated to your Executive Admin Virtual Assistant is endless but you may start with any of the following:

Lead Generation Virtual Assistant

Generating quality leads is truly important for any business as nurturing quality leads will eventually lead to sales.

We provide lead generation service for all types of industries and our Lead Generation Specialist are proficient in utilizing different apps, paid software and other online strategies to provide you with the best lead generation solutions based on your company needs.

Email Marketing & Telemarketing must be integrated into an overall success together with your lead generation effort. Once your niche has been carefully determined and your lead profiling has been segmented, you can start delegating your task to a Lead Generation Virtual Assistant. Our Lead Generation Virtual Assistant can help you generate and nurture your leads through the following:

Customer Service Virtual Assistant

Our average Customer Service VA’s have more than 1 year experience handling inbound campaigns in the call center industry and have strong skill set in the following areas:

Telemarketing Virtual Assistant

Hiring our Telemarketing Virtual Assistant can provide business support for the following outbound campaigns:

Our average Outbound Sales Virtual Assistants have more than 3 years experience as a Telemarketer or as an Outbound Sales Agent in the call center industry and have a strong skill set in the following areas:

Telemarketers can truly boost the growth and sales potential of your business if you hire a reputable telemarketing company with highly reliable Sales Virtual Assistant that can perform excellent phone presentations and close the deal on your behalf.

Social Media Virtual Assistant

Hiring a Social Media Virtual Assistant plays a key factor in improving your company’s social media presence to increase brand recognition, brand loyalty, and brand authority thus providing more opportunities to convert and increase inbound traffic at a decreased marketing cost.

Through our experienced Social Media Virtual Assistants, we will improve and manage your brand’s voice and content through the following sample tasks list:


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